About Us

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Where did it all start?

Winfield's Mushrooms originally started as a hobby! Our founder, Jaz Winfield, had a passion for foraging and growing all different types of mushrooms! It was natural progression to turn that love of all things fungi, into a business!

By the painstaking process of trial and error, we've cultivated the best tasting mushrooms that money can buy! It would have simply been rude not to allow others to enjoy these gorgeous mushrooms!


Did you know, fungi are one of the most sustainably produced foods in the UK? Mushrooms use very little water and energy to grow. They do not require sunlight, tropical climates or a lot of space.

At Winfield's Mushrooms, we have exploited these properties and have adopted urban farming techniques. All our mushrooms are grown in repurposed shipping containers. Not only does this reduce the greenspace taken up by agriculture, but also facilitates us to have an insect- free, clean environment. Reducing the chance of contamination from pests, microbes and chemical contaminants!

What areas do we cover?

At this moment in time, we deliver to all mainland UK. In time we plan to ship further afield! However because a lot of our products are fresh (with a short shelf life), its difficult to ship further without compromising the product. With customs, products can be held up for days, no one wants a mouldy shroom!!!

So, until we figure out how to keep these fun-guys fresh in long-haul transit, its UK deliveries only!

What is our vision?

The one thing we love more than growing mushrooms is talking about mushrooms!

We want to be able to reach as many people as possible and spread the fungi love! There are so many awesome things mushrooms can help the world with. From cleaning up oil spills to helping the planet be more carbon neutral! Better still, we plan to work with scientists in the future and cultivate mushrooms for medical research! Unfortunately the latter is an expensive endeavour, so we need all the help we can get to reach that goal!