What Do We Offer?

Our Range

Winfield's Mushrooms offers a range of seasonal, gourmet mushrooms, grow-your-own kits, dried mushrooms and more. For wholesale information, please enquire using our 'contact' form.


Ready to eat

Fresh Seasonal Mushrooms

We offer a variety of seasonally grown mushrooms; including a wide range of oyster mushrooms, lions mane, shiitake and more. We aim to harvest on the day of dispatch! meaning, you will not find fresher mushrooms!

Fresh Mushrooms

Commercial grade kits

Grow Kits

Unlike other grow kits, our kits are commercial quality. This means the best possible mushrooms in terms of flavour, texture and yield. Click the button below to find out more!

Grow kits
  • Tracey

    "Absolutely delicious! Such meaty mushrooms. Ideal for meat-free meals"

  • Sarah

    "Never tried oyster mushrooms before so fried them up on toast, amazed! Even my hubby (not normally a mushroom fan) liked them"

  • Lilith

    "Bought a grow kit from one of your markets, so far have had 3 loads of mushrooms and more coming. Really fascinating to watch them growing."